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Pure Sine Wave, as good as the grid power

Full Power 

Core Technology, German  Design  

Most Advanced Program in Software 

Complete Protection  Non Defect Rate, 

Better EMC - Electro Magnetic Compatibility,

No Noise for TV or Stereo Sound

SMT- Surface Mounting Technology  

All Big Imported Mosfet,Strong Driving Capacity 

PCB Thickness 2.07MM  

LED Display 

Compact Design, Less Weight, Full Power,  

Single Layer Design, Easy to Repair if any. 

Earth Connection for Both Inverter and PCB, 

Low No Load Current Draw 

Durable quality with 10 years usage, 

Alarm and LED Indication Light for error warning, 

Sufficient Heat Radiation 

More Vent Holes on the plates and the bottom for heat radiation

Popular Metal Black Design 

Big Current Connector, 

All kinds of socket are available

Strong Wiring Row on AC End, 

Best quality ever in the market 

Factory Price