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800W Off Grid DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter(white)


  • 800w pure sine wave inverter
  • off grid DC to AC converter
  • solar power inverter
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Application
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DC Voltage

12V or 24V or 48V or 110V

Voltage Range

10-15VDC or 21-30VDC or 42-60VDC or 90-135VDC

No Load Current Draw

< 0.5A


> 90%

DC Connector

Cables With Clips or Car Adaptor

AC Voltage

100/110/120VAC or 220/230/240 VAC

Continuous Power


Surge Power



Pure Sine Wave


50Hz or 60Hz

AC Regulation


Low Voltage Alarm

10DC±0.5V or 20.5DC±1V or 44VDC±1V or 92VDC±1V

Low Voltage Shut Down

9.5DC±0.5V or 19.5DC±1V or 42VDC±1V or 90VDC±1V

Over Load

Shut Off Output

Over Voltage Shut Down

15.5V or 30.5V or 61.2V or 135V

Over Thermal

Shut Off Output Automatically


Short Circuit

Working Temperature

Between -10℃ and +50℃

Working Humidity

20%90%RH non-condensing

Storage Temperature

Between -30℃ and +70℃


Soft Start

Cooling Ways

Cooling Fan

Total Harmonic Distortion

THD < 5%

Machine size(mm)


Packing Size(mm)


Net Weight(kgs)


Gross Weight(kg)


Packing Type

Carton packing

  • Pure Sine Wave, as good as the grid power
  • Full Power
  • Core Technology, German  Design
  • Most Advanced Program in Software
  • Complete Protection  Non Defect Rate
  • Better EMC - Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  • No Noise for TV or Stereo Sound
  • SMT- Surface Mounting Technology
  • All Big Imported Mosfet,Strong Driving Capacity
  • PCB Thickness :2.00m
  • LED Display
  • Compact Design, Less Weight, Full Power
  • Single Layer Design, Easy to Repair if any
  • Earth Connection for Both Inverter and PCB
  • Low No Load Current Draw
  • Durable quality with 10 years usage
  • Alarm and LED Indication Light for error warning
  • Sufficient Heat Radiation
  • More Vent Holes on the plates and the bottom for heat radiation
  • Popular Metal Black Design
  • Big Current Connector
  • All kinds of socket are available
  • Strong Wiring Row on AC End
  • Best quality ever in the market
  • Factory Price
  • Resistive load applications:

    If you need the inverter to run the resistive load (like laptop, TV, electric cooker, LED light), please choose the inverter with continuous power higher than the appliance's rated power.For example, for the power inverter with continuous power 2500w,it is suggested to run the appliance with rated power less than 2500w. It is best to use 80% of the rated power.

  • Inductive load applications:

    If you need the inverter to run the inductive load (for appliance such as compressor, motor, water pump), please calculate the power of inverter 3 to 7 times higher than the rated power of your appliance.